About Us

mobile.pngAbe Sandquist founded Natural Fertilizer Services, Inc. (NFS) in 2007, on the heels of his employment with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. While developing Nutrient Management Plans as a soil conservationist, he learned that there were many agricultural waste products not being used to their maximum potential by crop and livestock producers. After explaining these nutrient management plans to producers, many of them were surprised at how much their waste products could be worth if they were used effectively and applied in a professional and scientific manor.

Because of the Clean Water Act, several rules and regulations have been put in place that force farmers to manage their nutrients and chemicals in order to reduce environmental impacts. NFS assists crop and livestock producers take advantage of agricultural waste products through agronomic advice, accurate handling, and application. As a result, we improve crop performance while reducing environmental impacts as well as complying with your states environmental regulation requirements.