Manure Distribution

In the past, feeding facilities have considered their manure a waste product that is costly to get rid of. It wasn't until the past few years that producers began seeing these waste products as “Natural Fertilizer Products.” Many knew that manure was a great fertilizer source, but they didn’t have confidence in the nutrient value or the application. Most producers believed that the cost of transport and application of the manure was greater than the nutrients it would provide. With a greater need for micro-nutrients and synthetic fertilizer prices as volatile as they are right now, using manure as a fertilizer would increase yield and lower your cost of commercial fertilizer.

If you are a producer with a livestock facility struggling to get your manure applied while meeting regulatory compliance and would like to capture value from your manure handling costs, or are a crop producer that would like to use manure as a fertilizer source, give NFS a call and learn about how we can help improve your operation with a sound nutrient management and or distribution plan!

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